Keeping in touch

I am very mindful of those who are not on the internet in terms of keeping them in the loop. I know many of you are keeping in phone contact and I thank you for that. If you are willing for your telephone number to be passed on to keep in touch with others, please let me know. If you have quite a long list of people you’d like to phone regularly, one idea is to take so many letters of the alphabet each day and ring anyone whose name begins with the letters for that day. If you’re talking to church folk who aren’t on the internet, you might like to point out that BBC 1 is broadcasting a church service at 11.30 Sunday mornings.

For those of you who are on the internet, I would encourage you to go on the circuit connect webpage each day to look for updates. Whatever you may think or have heard about Facebook, you might like to think about joining that as, again, we are using that to share information. I’m not a Facebook fan but have had to bite the bullet. Once you’ve joined, just search for Hereford St John’s Methodist Church.

Stay safe and well.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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