Love Interest

Today in David’s saga, we had what today would be termed the ‘love interest’. In 1 Samuel 25 we’re introduced to Abigail. The footnote in the ‘Amplified Bible’ reads:

‘Whenever God’s inspired Word says “[earnestly] remember,” one is certain to miss something if he does not stop, look, and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is wanting to tell him – or her.

“[Earnestly] remember” Abigail, the woman whom God has specifically held up as a pattern of right behaviour in an unfortunate marriage. Here a dozen vital questions are answered through Abigail’s example. She could not have known that thousands of years later people in similar circumstances would become “more than conquerors” because of her, but God knew. Study her until you know her God-given secrets of success; then pass them on to the people who are letting an unfortunate marriage wreck them rather than sanctify them for service.”

In light of the restrictions placed on people as result of the Coronavirus, there is a heightened risk to victims of domestic abuse who are trapped at home with a perpetrator. You may have seen coverage about the rise in domestic abuse in the news. Here is a link to think about what might be done to help if you have concerns:

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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