A blast from the past

Today is effectively a guest blog. I read the following thoughts of George Appleton and thought I would share them with you. They were written almost 45 years ago so the language isn’t inclusive and there have been further advances since, but they offer space for your own reflection and I do not propose to make any comment on them myself.

“One of the insights or claims of our modern era is that man has come of age and has accepted responsibility for himself and his environment. He is no longer at the mercy of circumstances. Rivers can be diverted or dammed, mountains can be levelled, deserts irrigated, epidemics prevented. He can circle the earth and land on the planets. He is tempted to think that he is all-sufficient, that he has no need to depend on higher powers. He hopes to postpone death and thinks he can do without God.”

“Modern man can fly at a speed faster than sound, can communicate by radio to every part of the world in a fraction of a second, can circle the earth and land on the moon, and descend to the depths of the sea. He can make nuclear weapons and biological warfare. Modern man has learned how to control births; he may soon be able to determine sex, and possibly to intervene in the working of chromosomes. Yet what a mess he has made of the world – wars, slums, hunger, racial prejudice, refugees, pollution!”

“Man has grown greatly in knowledge of the universe and in discovery of the laws by which it works. He has developed great powers of mind, acquired much knowledge which he can store in books, microfilms and computers. He can make powerful machines and generate great resources of energy. He has come of age intellectually and technologically, he has a mastery over things. Has his spiritual development kept pace?”

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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