Looking for signs of hope

My sister Sue works for Boots in Malvern. (As a digression, you wouldn’t believe what ‘essential items’ customers have been turning up to buy and have even got abusive when they’ve been told that lipstick and hair dye really don’t count!) Not long after I moved here, my sister said, “I’ve got a phone number for you to ring.” Someone had approached her in Boots and asked if she was Angie’s sister. When Sue said yes, the person said that she used to live opposite Ray and I when we lived in Malvern but we’d lost touch over the years, as these things tend to go. Of course, Sue was able to tell her that I was back in the area and would get me to ring the person (Brigid).

The upshot was that I did give Brigid a call, discovered that she and Tony are now living in Colwall and went to visit them last September. I was only thinking a few weeks ago that I ought to arrange to visit them again when the lockdown kicked in. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog the idea of working through your address book alphabetically and contacting people on their ‘letter’ day. By Tuesday, I’d got to W. With Brigid’s surname beginning with W, I rang her. Although she and Tony (both in their 80s) have family and neighbour support, Brigid was really pleased to hear from me.

Yesterday I was talking to a Social Worker. She had contacted me in my official capacity so knew I am a church minister. I don’t know whether she is a person of faith, but we got chatting about how these challenging times are making people (re)connect with each other, those folk you only contact at Christmas time and, in some cases, estranged families. She commented that there is good to be found in the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Where is God in all this people ask? I think God is in ‘the good’, the signs of hope. Look for them and be a bringer of them. God bless!

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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