Monday of Holy Week

Today we move from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem to the cleansing of the Temple. I mentioned last week the disadvantage of only reading/hearing selected excerpts from the Bible. Mark’s account of the cleansing would normally be read from verse 15 of chapter 11. What is unique to Mark’s Gospel is that we’re told that the previous day Jesus went to the Temple and ‘looked around at everything’ (Mark 11:11). We need to look around and see where God is at work so that we might join in, rather than go our own way.

A prayer by Nick Fawcett (used with permission)

Lord Jesus Christ, how easy it would have been for you on entering Jerusalem to have taken the easy way. With shouts of welcome still ringing in our ears, the hosannas of the crowd still fresh in your memory, it must have been so tempting to give them what they wanted, to be the sort of Messiah they hoped you would be. But you soon made it clear, if any doubted, that there would be no compromise, no watering down of your message for the sake of popular acclaim. You stayed true to your calling despite the inevitable consequences.

Lord Jesus Christ, we too can try and shape you to fit our expectations. Help us as we recall those last days leading up to the Cross, to learn what you expect of us, and find strength to honour it. Amen.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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