Tuesday of Holy Week

For Jesus’ disciples, the wonderful entry into Jerusalem just a couple of days ago perhaps already feels like a distant memory. Following Jesus’ over-turning of the tables in the Temple, things are beginning to feel unsafe. Added to that are Jesus’ own strange words about dying and being raised to life again. What might have been going through their minds? Were they reflecting on how he had called them? Maybe they were pondering on his teachings or the miracles they had seen. Those who had witnessed it might have been remembering the wonder of the Transfiguration. Some may have recalled Peter’s declaration of Jesus’ Messiahship and were now wondering about that. Although they couldn’t make sense of it, did they believe Jesus was going to rise again from death? Were they reassured by all that had gone before or were doubts and fears beginning to creep in? Did they believe Jesus knew what he was doing or did they, and this may be true of Judas Iscariot, think he’d lost the plot?

A prayer by Nick Fawcett (used with permission)

Lord Jesus Christ, we come again in this Holy Week to reflect on your journey to the Cross. You knew where the journey was leading right from the very start, and you did your best to ensure that your disciples understood too. Yet they either couldn’t believe, or wouldn’t believe, what you were telling them.

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us that all too often we refuse to accept what we don’t want to hear. Forgive us that we prefer to focus on the rewards of discipleship rather than the cost. Help us now, as we worship you, to learn from your determination to complete the course, and in turn to run faithfully the race set before us, looking to you, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. Amen.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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