Wednesday of Holy Week

When we think of the betrayal of Jesus, we think about Judas Iscariot, forgetting that Peter betrayed Jesus too in denying him. The outcome for each, though, was to be very different. The Bible doesn’t tell us much about what other individual disciples did at this time. If we’d been with Jesus then, how might we have reacted? We perhaps like to think that we would have been resolute, standing by our friend in his hour of need, but would we? Not particularly mathematical, but based on only one of the twelve disciples being present at the Crucifixion, most of us would probably have avoided it too. Let us take time to look into our hearts and seek to answer truthfully, knowing what we do about ourselves, how we might have responded. There’s no shame in admitting that we would have done the same as Peter. The key is in being truly sorry afterwards and then knowing the overwhelming love of Jesus’ forgiveness. What might your reflections have to say to you today about your faith and behaviour?

A prayer by Nick Fawcett (used with permission)

Lord Jesus Christ, you were under no illusions about those you called to follow you. You knew that Judas would betray you, Peter deny you, and the rest of the apostles forsake you, yet you still continued on your way to the Cross.

Lord Jesus Christ, we marvel at your amazing grace that goes beyond our understanding. Help us as we recall the stories of Judas and Peter today to appreciate the wonder of your love for us who deserve it so little, and in return to love you who deserve it so much. Amen.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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