Who is Jesus to you?

Last week I invited you to reflect on images of God. Today I thought I’d invite you to ponder on how you see Jesus (or not, as the case may be).

Yesterday I posted this picture on the St John’s Facebook page. I picked it up via social media but it didn’t credit the artist, so sadly I am unable to credit her or him, or say thank you for such a wonderful image.

Jesus is a man, a prophet, the Son of God, Lord, King, Saviour, friend, the Messiah, a companion, an encourager, the Lamb, Redeemer, Word, protector, the Good Shepherd, wonderful counsellor, Prince of peace, the Bread of Life, Emmanuel, Light of the World … These are just some of the words/phrases used to describe Jesus. There are many more. Who do you say he is?

If you joined us for worship this morning or play it back later on YouTube, you’ll hear again the story of the two encountering a stranger on the Road to Emmaus, and reflections on that encounter. The stranger, of course, was Jesus but he wasn’t recognised as such at first. Are we sometimes so caught up in our image of Jesus that we don’t see him when he doesn’t appear in that image? Christians instinctively see the man in the picture above as Jesus, but the reality is that it would be the bearer of the image of God washing the nurse’s feet. In this time of lockdown, there are a lot of people showing love and care. Some are doing it because they’re Christians or profess another faith, many perhaps wouldn’t express such a motivation. Yet we’re all made in the image of God and I take the view that the latter are responding to the Divine spark within each of us. So the next time you witness a random act of kindness, take a moment to reflect that you have just seen Christ at work and give thanks.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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