A is for Apostle

An apostle is one who is sent out. In the Bible, the term is applied to the disciples after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus; a disciple being a follower. Apostles have the same authority as the person sending or commissioning them. Christians today are both disciples (followers) of Jesus and apostles, commissioned by him to be his hands and feet in the world. Sometimes we see this as an either or situation, or get the balance wrong, becoming overly spiritual (so heavenly as to be of no earthly good, as some would say), or overstretch ourselves ‘doing good’ without coming back to God to resource ourselves. I confess to being guilty of the latter recently.

Jesus used to take time out to be with God, to be replenished, and we need to do so too. We need that time to be refilled spiritually if we are to be overflowing chalices of God’s love in the world. A prayer I sometimes include in my prayers is: O God, help me to be a better disciple that I might be a better apostle, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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