Would Jesus be on Facebook?

I’ve had a Twitter account for a while but have only recently gone on Facebook, and that’s primarily to administer the churches’ pages. My personal Facebook profile is actually quite anti-social in that it asks people not to send friend requests! Having started blogging since the lockdown, I’ve been pondering the role of social media in spreading the Christian message of love and hope we have to offer. Coming up with something to blog about each day is no mean feat, though I say so myself, but anyone who is engaging in what I’m posting into ‘the ether’ would perhaps become disenchanted if I were I were to start posting things intermittently. Then there are days when I become disenchanted and wonder why I’m putting all this effort in to reach a handful of people? At the moment, I’m in that place where one of my gripes with churches trying something new is that they don’t persevere enough before giving up ‘because it’s not working/making any difference’. So, for now, I’ve decided to persevere.

As well as sharing my blogs to the churches’ Facebook pages, I’ve been sharing them via Twitter with the hashtags ‘Turn to God’, ‘Turn to Jesus’ (#TurntoGod, #TurntoJesus – that’s a Twitter thing in case you don’t know) in the hope of reaching out to those with questions about faith. I was heartened by a response I got the other day from someone in America. It was a person of faith but encouraging me nevertheless to persevere.

I’ve also been praying as to whether this is something God wants of me? God calls us to different tasks, often to things outside our comfort zone, and I’m certainly no social media fanatic. At the same time, I’ve been wondering if Jesus would be on social media if he were physically present with us today? Would he have Facebook and Instagram accounts; would he be blogging and vlogging (a step too far for me – filming myself to lead worship is bad enough!); would he be a YouTube celebrity? On the basis that he came to engage with us, I think he would be using social media but I don’t think he would have a major following, perhaps be seen as a bit ‘fringe’; his major following coming later, passed on by the likes of you and I. Perhaps I can take heart from that. What do you think?

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

4 thoughts on “Would Jesus be on Facebook?

  1. It is my contact at the moment and has been for some years to a lesser extent with my current circumstances I have just joined your blog, Angie, and can always find time to read your contributions as they are short enough to read and
    take in wiithout being interrupted.


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