Who is God/Jesus to you?

A few weeks ago when I was on leave and not blogging, I invited people to reflect on their images of God each day. The images I offered then for consideration weren’t human images (breath, light etc.). Last week I mentioned Jesus being able to identify with those who have the coronavirus because he fought for breath as he was crucified. With me going on leave again (yes again; the last time was to finish an essay, this time I should be in Croatia), I invite you to reflect on God and/or Jesus once more but this time include some more human terms, some of which aren’t traditional words or names but could be attributed to Jesus by what we know from the stories about him. Again, you might want to take one a day or you might just want to spend time figuring out who God and/or Jesus is to you.





Living water




Son of God








Emmanuel (God with us)

Christians look for Jesus to come again. The Bible presents us with images of that being quite a fanfare. My fear, however, is that he will come as he came before, quietly, unknown and not in the way we expect, and that, if he comes in my life-time, I will fail to recognise him.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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