The Glory of God

Various writers have tried to explain what is meant by the ‘glory’ of God. Rather than add to their voices, I thought I’d pick a voice which particularly resonates with me, that of the 17th century theologian and poet Thomas Traherne:

“God is seen when his love is manifested.  God is enjoyed when his love is prized.  When we see the glory of his wisdom and goodness and his power exerted, then we see his glory.  And these we cannot see till we see their works.  When therefore we see his works, in them we see his glory.” (Third Century, 86).

Acts of love and goodness aren’t the only manifestations of God’s glory. Many see the glory of God in nature: in the intricate design of a shell, the delicate flower, the soaring mountains or roaring ocean.

What does the ‘glory of God’ mean to you and where do you see it? Take a moment to ponder and give thanks.

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

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