The God who confides in us

Sometimes when I’m reading the Bible, something strikes me in a way that it hasn’t before. Sometimes that can be because I’m reading a different translation, and sometimes it can be because they’re the words I need to hear at the time. This morning was one of those occasions when that happened. I would have read Psalm 25 many times in the past, but it was as though I was reading verse 14 for the first time when I read:

The Lord confides in those who fear him;
    he makes his covenant known to them.

The Lord confides in me! Really? We perhaps tend to think of ourselves as confiding in God, but the idea of God confiding in us suddenly took me to a whole new level. Wow! As I said, which translation of the Bible you’re reading has a bearing here. I was reading from the New International Version. When I looked up the same verse in other translations, words like God being our friend and sharing secrets with us came up. It really is all about our relational God, who seeks relationship with us in spite (or maybe because) of all our foibles. Is God trying to confide in you? Are you listening for God whispering to you , a word of comfort, a word of love, a word for you to do something?

Published by Angie Allport

Methodist minister

One thought on “The God who confides in us

  1. Thanks for your reflection. I pray each day with the Scriptures of the Roman Catholic liturgy and have had the experience of God interrupting “my” prayer with a direct word for just that moment. Always awed when that happens, and I treasure those moments. — Alfred J. Garrotto, author, Bishop Myriel: In His Own Words


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